Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ladybug Mania for Christmas

My Receptionist at work, Janell, loves ladybugs. So for Christmas I made her a keykeeper/keychain, purse kleenix holder, and 6 coasters. I love the ladybug fabrics!!! They are so sweet and perfect for these simple projects.

I mixed and matched the fabrics for the coasters, so fun and a quick project. AND, they are washable. Throw them in the washing machine, then dryer, press and back to newness. PERFECTION!!!

I love the keykeepers. They have the lobster clamp on one side and the key ring on the other, so you can clip in for safekeeping if need be.

These little ladybugs are so realistic, kind of 3-D.
So I am working on one more project for her, an apron made of all these fabrics. Just ran out of time so it will  be a New Years present!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, And Christmas Blessings from my family to yours :^) Martha


  1. Sweet little projects! I love true ladybugs, though the ones that invade our houses/garages/barns in late fall and plague us throughout the winter not so much. I think they are actually another type of asian beetle but look pretty much like the real ladybugs. Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas holiday!

    1. Thank You Pat!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. I know what beetles you are talking about, they were in my garden this past summer attacking my hops plant!!! Looks like a ladybug but a different color. Not good.


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