Thursday, June 1, 2017

Blue Moon

I decided to get this little quilt finished. All it needed was the binding. I had gotten the quilting done about a month ago. The center is needle felted, my second project in needle felting. 
Lots of fun by the way!!!

I did really easy quilting-straight across, period.
Nothing fancy.
I just felt that this piece needed simplicity.

I used the walking foot to do the quilting.

Then thought the blue to match the moon would be perfect for the binding.

Sometimes we need some SIMPLE in our lives.
Things just seem to get so complicated.

Keep it simple, keep on quilting!!
Love ya!!! 


  1. Martha this is a lovely mini good to see your needle felting in it too

  2. Needle felting looks intriguing. You've worked it out beautifully into a quilt. Nice work!

  3. That is really neat. I've never thought of felting on a quilt. Did you do the quilting before you put on the felting patch? The quilting really changes the look of it. Great job, as always. You are inspirational.


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