Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quilted Seattle Seahawks box full of Seahawk Coasters

For Christmas this past year I made my brother and his wife a quilted box full of matching coasters for their living room in Seattle Seahawk colors.
They are crazy about the Seahawks and I knew this would make the perfect gift as they have friends and family over all the time to watch the games!!

The bottom is a coaster with no batting in it, glued down!!

This was a really simple project with great results. They loved them!!! Perfect home made gift!!!

Here is the tutorial for the quilted box.
And here is the tutorial for the coasters.

Thanks for visiting!!! Martha


  1. liking both the box and coasters and the fabrics are lovely.I have a few box kits stored away somewhere time I got them out and made at least one of them that is if I can find thm

    1. I really enjoyed making this little set and I think I should be making a few more to have on hand. They are great little gifts!!
      I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family!!

  2. I love those coasters and the wonderful quilted box to hold them in. You really do find the most creative gifts to make. Sure wish you were part of MY family of gift giving ! (grin)

    1. Thank You Doreen!!! There's always something fun to make for family and friends!!! Just not enough time to do it all.


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