Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Cutting Table found on Craigslist

Here's my new used cuting table. We found it on Craigslist
for $50. It is exactly what I was looking for. The cube
shelving below was mine that I already had and they fit
perfectly underneath on the back of the table.
This is looking into the sewing room. The table measures
 48" X 72.5" and about 35" tall.
I have one end butted up against the back of the fabric cabinet.
Next job up is to put peg board on the back of the cabinet so I
can hang all my tools and rulers and stencils. That way the
cutting surface will be free of things.
This is the actual front of the table. It has four shelves and my
plastic containers fit perfectly!! This is the perfect cutting table.
The people we bought it from were so sweet and kind!! They
are moving and there isn't enough room in their new temporary
place. George had this custom made for his wife, Nirvana. I feel
blessed to be the new owner of this cutting table. It truly is a
blessing for me!! And we made some new friends. Even better!!
Well that's it from Briese's Sewing Lab!!! AKA, Martha's Sewing Room!!! Take care, Happy Quilting, and I will be posting a finished quilt very soon. Finally found some gumption!!! Martha


  1. Oh-my-Gosh, what a fabulous find! How wonderful that your room is actually large enough to contain it. You're a lucky-duck you know!

    1. I do know that I am a lucky Oregon Duck!!! I love this table!! And with they way I have rearranged the room I have an extra
      5 1/2 ft to put a treadmill!!

  2. Replies
    1. I know, such a fabulous find!!! And it will be taken well care of. I just love it!!!

  3. What a beautiful table and a fantastic price! Have fun with it!

    1. Thank You for visiting Connie!! I am already enjoying this table and all the storage it gives me. My sewing room feels a lot roomier now. A few more things to do and it will be perfect!! Have a lovely weekend!!!


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