Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quilts at the Office

This is a nice little quilt I made for our Back Office Lead.
Love the brightness of this quilt. Made it several years ago.

This is a little mug-rug. Very simple to make!! I quilted the
background first, then did the machine stitched flowers and

I've been changing my sewing/quilting room around for the last month. Sold the pool table/ping pong table. Bought a new cutting table that is so AWESOME!!! I will share that with you soon!!! Not much sewing/quilting happening. But I am feeling ready to get back to it !!

Take Care, Happy Quilting!! Martha


  1. liking both these presume the wall hanging is FPP technique. Much better to have a cutting table than a ping pong one, like you no stitching hoping my interest will come back soon but for now just cannot be bothered

    1. Hi Margaret. I think I actually pieced that wall hanging! It was before I learned how to paper piece. So did it the hard way!!! The new table is so nice!! And now I have more room to move around in my room. I will post photos soon.
      I have started back to a little quilting yesterday. I have been working on a small quilt with way too many pebbles. I will not do that again. But, I am almost done with the pebbling, at least 3/4's of the way done. Goal this weekend is to finish that part of the quilt.
      Have a lovely weekend, good to hear from you! Martha


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