Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pressing Board for quilting

I've been wanting a better pressing surface for my quilting. The ironing board just doesn't work out well, especially on quilt blocks that are larger than the surface of the ironing board.

I found a video tutorial by Sharon Schamber which you can find here just by clicking. I didn't follow the instructions to a T as I don't like the spray adhesive. It literally goes everywhere when I use it!!!

I also used a piece of plywood for the base. I asked my husband to find or cut a 20" X 50" piece which would cover up the plastic bins perfectly!!!

My board, 100% cotton batting, 100% cotton broadcloth, staple gun.
I cut the batting to size and layed in on the surface
Then I layed the broadcloth on top of the batting.
Flipped it over and stapled. I first stapled the center on each side,
Then I did the corners and ended by doing along each side about
five inches away.
You could then put a felt backing on but I'm not worried about
the surface of the plastic containers. AND, felt would cause
the pressing board to slip!!! 
And done. I love it!!! So much more space!!!
PERFECTION!!! And space saving!!!
That's it for today quilting friends. I need to get busy mending and applying patches to two vests for a friend. Then I have a pair of nursing pants to alter for another friend. The woes of sewing!!! I will be back to quilting soon!!! Martha


  1. what a great idea can you send your hubby over here for a few days please!

  2. That would be fabulous!! I'll come along too!! :^) He can work and we can quilt!!!


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