Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quilted Postcard-Snowflakes

I never get tired of making these little quilted postcards. I made one for a postcard exchange group I belong to on Facebook-that one is on it's way to South Africa. The other I made for my little Etsy store. I don't put a lot for sale there, yet!!! I still work full time as an RN, so time is limited. 

Someday I shall retire and then have more time to make items to sell. I really enjoy the fact that someone is enjoying something I made!!!

When I mail and sell my little postcards, they are always in a clear envelope. This way the fabric is protected from postal smudges!!!

These Quilted postcards measure 4" X 6" and fit perfectly in a store bought frame, so they make excellent gifts!!

Below is the chronical of the making of the postcards :^)

And done!!

Short post for today. Enjoy the weekend, take care, Happy Quilting, and talk with you soon


  1. this is such a lovely postcard I am sure when it arrives it will be greatly treasured

    1. Thank you Margaret!! I do hope she enjoys it!! I have one in my etsy store too, can't make just one :^)

  2. Your postcard is beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you make them. Have a Happy New Year. Hugs

    1. Thank You Cathy!! I do enjoy sharing the how to's with everyone. I hope more quilters will try making these fun little quilts!!!


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