Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quilted Feather Bookmarks

I really enjoy making these little items, it's a project that I can actually finish a little more quickly than a wall quilt!!

I had the one on the left done for awhile and the one on the right just drawn out and then got distracted by everything else, so it sat awhile in a drawer.

I love looking at the back, it's almost as nice as the front.

 Second one done. 
 And now to color in the feathers. Once colored to my liking, I heat set gently with my iron. I usually use a pressing cloth or paper towel to prevent the wax and color getting on the iron.
 You can see the two different color crayons I used and both worked well on this fabric!!!
 I construct the bookmarks exactly like the postcards I make. The only difference is the ribbon that is inserted/sandwiched inbetween the layers.

I am working on a couple more bookmarks and postcards with a bumblebee theme, so will post them when they are finished. I am hoping for at least two to be done today as I am late on my postcard exchange!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those needles sharp and changed!!! Martha


  1. Hi Martha, I am so impressed! I have many readers in my list of family, friends and neighbors, this is perfect and looks like so much fun to make. Have you tried the crayons on anything that you wash often, like a quilt? You started my head spinning with possibilities. Thank you for putting this tutorial together. I think that I'll make my daughter and granddaughters all books marks for Valentine's Day :)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. so pretty and practical too, beats my bit of scrap paper I use as a bookmark! Is it just ordinary wax crayons you sue or ones for fabric?


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