Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NW Quilt Expo-Eye Candy

I was recently in Portland Oregon for a two day conference on Care Coordination. Stayed at the Marriot for two nights. My husband joined me so I didn't have to hang out by myself up in the big city.

We stay a third night at a McMenamins. Pictures at the bottom.

So on Friday we went to the NW Quilt Expo. Tons of quilts and I am sorry that I did not photograph the names of the makers, my oops on that one!!! I didn't take a lot of photos, just a few.

So many amazing quilters!!! Enjoy the few I photographed:

My husband :^)

The quilting on this last one was mini-mini amazing!!!

So our last night was at the McMenamins Kennedy School.  Our room was part of the original music room and still has the original chalk boards and cloak closets!!! It was so awesome.

They have 6 bars, a restaurant, a theatre, a soaking tub, pool and shuffleboard, live music in the gym, meeting rooms, and the place still smells like an old school. LOVED IT!!! My husband is a retired elementary school teacher, so this was perfect!! Here are some of the photos I took of McMenamins.

you can sit inside or outside at the restaurant

All the photos below are in our room!!
What???? No Fair!!! No RECESS???!!!!

 And this is our room from outside. Isn't it just beautiful??!!

Well, that's it for now. Take Care friends, Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!! Martha


  1. Oh, my goodness . . what an extremely marvelous adventure. Those quilts are out of this world; I am in awe of some people's talent. What a fun place to stay, too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

    1. You're welcome Connie!! We sure had a lot of fun and my husband was a trooper going to the quilt show with me!!! I would love to stay at McMenamins again-preferably not after a long two day conference, I was so tired!!!
      Have a lovely week and thanks for the visit!!

  2. such variety with the quilts so many talented ladies. Interesting place you stayed at makes a change form chain hotels a nice experience.

    1. Hi Margaret!! Yes, it was an interesting place and so much more fun than the fancy hotel we stayed at!! Loved it!!!
      And I did enjoy the quilt show, so amazing to see such a variety of quilts and quilting!! I think this is one of the biggest shows I've been to!!! They also had some great vendors but I didn't spend any money :^)
      Have a lovely week, good to hear from you!!!


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