Monday, July 13, 2015

Fat Quarter Pillow Cover

Paula from Finally Together Quilt shop, here in Lebanon, came to our guild meeting in June and showed us some fun new curvy rulers and how to make this simple pillow cover with fat quarters.

She used five fat quarters, I used six. And here is how it is done.

Here's my six fat quarters

Your going to press four fat quarters in half, two the width
of the fabric and two the length of the fabric.
All pressed and ready to layer.
Place your first piece down, a length FQ, fold edge to the center
Place your next piece, width one, on top matching outer edges
and fold to the center.
Lay the next length piece
For the last piece, fold the first layer away
Lay the last folded FQ down
and unfold that bottom piece over the last layer
Lay the backing, right side down, on top of your layers and pin
Sew all layers all the way around. I used a 3/8" seam
Trim the corners
Turn right side out
My handy turning tool for the corners
Very cheap pillow from Walmart-it's very fluffy and easily
goes into the pillow cover!!!
Looking good, but not done. You can see a little bit of the white pillow in the
center. Paula sewed on a button, front and back, on one of her pillows which
was really cute!!! I chose to use another fat quarter
I used a black print
and stuffed it in. I grabbed the corner and pulled it into each
corner of the pillow and then smoothed it out. Sorry
for the blurry pic!!!
Here's the back!!

I love it!! Easy to do and such a nice pillow to take a nap with yet pretty enough to be on the couch in the living room!!!
Bailey agrees!!!
Take Care, Happy Quilting and see you soon!!! Martha


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Marjorie!!! I know, so neat and clever. I just had to share it with everyone!!! This would be a great stash buster project!!!

  2. what a good way to make a cushion, works beautifully and your instructions are so clear

    1. Thank You Margaret!! It is simple and what a great way to use fat quarters!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank You Connie!!! I cant take credit for the fabrics, my husband has a good eye for color!!!


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