Thursday, June 25, 2015


I belong to a group on Facebook.
We trade Free Motion Quilted Postcards
This is my June card that was recently mailed to California :^)
I really didn't have a plan and time was running out.
I looked at some fabric and just went with it

I love it!!
The flower is all fused, leftovers from another
project. I always draw the outline of the
postcard on my piece so I know where to quilt.
Free Motion Quilting, no specific design
I decided so scribble the flower center
The back
Edge stitching. I get a really nice edge by doing a simple wide zigzag to keep it
all together, then I do a satin stitch a minimum of three times around the
piece. More if needed.
I decided to do an orange blanket stitch on the edge and
I think I like the result!!!
And this is the postcard I got in the mail the same day
mine was posted!!! Brilliant minds think similarly!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those needles sharp!! Martha


  1. 2 very nice postcards amazing they are so similar. Good to see you back on your blog,

    1. Thank you Margaret!! It's good to be back on board!!!

  2. The blanket stitch around the edge of your postcard frames the whole picture perfectly, so delicate. Love it!

  3. This is a beautiful postcard and i like seeing your creation process! I know how they look even more stunning in person Martha, being the proud owner of one of your postcards!

  4. beautful! the colors all pop!


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