Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear Jane-Row B-Blocks 1 and 2

These were easy with the help of Aunt Reen!! She has some
helpful tutorials for the Dear Jane quilt!!!
This is B-1 Batchelor Buttons-hand applique
And this is B-2 Sweet Tater Pie-also hand applique

I will honestly say that I really enjoy doing hand applique. It is so very relaxing!!! There is prep work, but once that is done , the rest is so enjoyable. Now I just need that tropical island with a mild breeze and my cup of coffee!!! :^)

We have several friends from our guild who are moving away. So Jean had us make spool blocks for them. I wrote a small message on each and then signed them. Easy blocks to make and hopefully they will have enough to make a small quilt to remember us by.

Here's my before and after pics!!

Here's my husband and myself at the Oregon coast a couple
weeks ago!! Otter Rock. So fun and so beautiful. This place
is just an hour and 15 minutes from our home!! How lucky
are we!!??

Take Care my Friends, Happy Quilting and Keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. dear Jane blocks looking good. What a lovely idea making blocks for friends who are moving away

  2. Thank you Jane!! Good to hear from you :^) The blocks for the guild members is fun and a great way to let them know how much we care about them. And, we know they will think of us whenever they look at the quilt they make with our blocks!!!

  3. Just love those sweet little blocks. And yes, you are living in a beautiful spot for sure.

  4. Your Jane blocks look wonderful!
    What sweet spool blocks - what a great idea for good bye gifts!

    Beautiful pictures of the Oregon Coast Line and of you and your husband!


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