Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rag Quilt for Parker

Parker is not here yet, but he has a cozy quilt to snuggle with!! Parker is my
daughter-in-law's cousins baby, due next month.
I will do a very quick photo tutorial for you on the making of my first rag quilt!!

First I cut the squares, cutting the batting smaller by an inch.
then layer the the batting in between two pieces of flannel
Pin each edge
Sew/quilt an X in each square to secure the batting
Then sew each square together, raw edges to the front of
the quilt
Pinning helps keep the layers from shifting
I laid out each row as they were completed. This is the front.
And the back. The back has the normal seams, the front has
the rag seams.
The back completed
The front completed before fraying or ragging.
Now you clip the edges, This was the most time consuming
part of the construction!!!

Completed front and back

And a closeup. Once you finish clipping all the seams you
throw it into the washer and dryer which helps fray and
soften all the edges!!!

His mommy loved it and I was so relieved!!! 
My orginal plan was to do the typical blue flannel quilt, and then I saw those cute little monkeys!!

Happy Quilting, Take Care, and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. What a darling quilt!
    I also enjoyed seeing the progression of pictures.

    1. Thanks Doreen!! I am pleased with the way it turned out but it was a bit more difficult than I had thought it would be. Time consuming actually with all the clipping!!! Still, I love the outcome and more importantly, his mommy loved it :^)


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