Monday, December 29, 2014

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Rudolf on the right was hung every year in my husbands classroom!! We've had
him now for 38 years I think!!
Our stockings this year with a few alterations!!!

Coopers stocking was finished but I added his name and
Buddy the Elf on the Shelf!!
Hayden got a brand new stocking, I will share that at the end.

Son Drew's stocking was made by my mom when he was
born. It is a needlepoint, but too small. So this year I
enlarged it be adding it to some wool plaid. Santa can
finally get things to fit inside!!!
Grand-daughter Alex's stocking needs some decorations, so
I will keep it out when everything gets put away and I will
share with you what I end up doing!!
Daughter-in-law Jessica's stocking was a store bought one, but
cute as can be. I hand embroidered her name this year!!
Son Josh's stocking was hand knit by my aunt when he was
born. Like Drew's, it was small and hard to get things into.
So I enlarged it by sewing it onto some quilted white
fabric!!! Love it, and Santa does too!!!
Our stockings that were made 38 years ago. They didn't
need any alterations, thank goodness!!!
So Haydens quilted stocking was made from Christmas 2" strips I've had for years and years. I simply sewed two sets and put them together in a braided manner. Then layered it, did a simple meanger/stipple and then did some free motion scribble quilting for her name. Sewed a back to it and also made a lining out of a Wallace Tartan plaid fabric I had. I grew up as a Wallace, so it was fun to bring the family name into the stocking.

Here's the process!!!

Happy Quilting and Keep those scissors sharp!!!
If you are interested, take a peek at my other blog to see what I am busy with!!! No time for quilting!!! Martha :^)


  1. what a lovely array of sotckings. Father Christmas had a busy time filling all those

    1. Thank you Margaret!!! I love looking at the hearth with the stockings hanging and so much fun seeing what Father Christmas puts in them!! :^) See you in the New Year!!

  2. Beautiful stockings and am sure cherished by each and every owner

    1. Thank-you!!! Yes, the kids, even though they are now adults, still love the stockings and the grandkids love that they all hang together!! Thanks for the visit :^)

  3. Martha, your fireplace looks so pretty with all your festive stockings - just beautiful!

    1. Thank You Lara!! It really feels like Christmas when the stockings are hung!! Now I need to re-decorate the oldest grand-daughters stocking-the pink one!! I have some ideas and will get them done before I pack everything away until next year! have a Happy New Year and thanks for the visit!

  4. I just love these stockings. I am constantly on the look out for ideas to use up scraps...seem to have a lot of them always. So colourful and thank you for sharing in this wonderful post.

    1. Thank you for the visit Jocelyn!! I love these stockings too!! I am still going to add my grand-daughters name and some embellishments to the pink stocking, so didn't pack it away with the rest!! Glad you enjoyed the post and have a lovely weekend!!! Martha


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