Sunday, November 2, 2014

What a mess!!! And a few My Dear Jane blocks to ease the frustrations!!!

This is part of our guild challenge that was supposed to be done last month. I
just couldn't work on it. So now I am!! The tile floor is being constructed and
it is a mess!!
I layed it out and now I am sewing the sections together and
I am not liking it a whole lot!!!
It is just a mess. This happens to me all the time. I have visions, get working
on it. Then I hate it and have a hard time continuing with the production. 
So here is a litte more with some sewing done!! I really hope it turns out like
I had envisioned.
A little more sewing. I will get back to it today, but last night I just had it. Could
not do any more as I was feeling deflated!!
So I decided to work on some of my Dear Jane blocks.
I did one last week, so I found two really easy ones to put together.

This is the one I did last week. Templates cut and ready to sew.
Love this fabric, so cute!!!
And done!!! YES!!!   A-11 Pebble's Protest
And here are the other two I made last night. So easy to sew together. A sigh of relief!!!

Simple piecing!!

M-12 Hopscotch

M-10 Simple Simon

Sometimes, when frustrations get the better of you, it's best to put things aside and work on something that you will find easy joy in. These Dear Jane blocks are just the ticket for me!!! I felt much more relaxed after getting the last two done :^)

Today I am going to get back to that floor!! I need to have it done before the next guild meeting, so I have 3 weeks to finish piecing and get it quilted!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha


  1. And that, my friend, is why I don't DO guilds - ;)) The "I need to have it done before the next guild meeting" is too much stress and pressure for me. It takes all the FUN out of quilting and makes it feel like WORK. I'm glad that you have your "Dear Jane" blocks to give you "easy joy" - quilting should be joyful - and your blocks are TERRIFIC!! - ;))

  2. Your floor looks great! I think you need to step back across the room and look with an OBJECTIVE eye. Not your eyes, they see your vision, Nobody else does. Everyone else will love it, you'll see. cdahlgren at live dot com p.s. let me know when I'm right, thanks.

  3. oh I smiled when I read that dear Jane is relaxing wish it relaxed me but it just confuses keep getting the book out but then put it away again as not a clue how to tackle all those blocks. Have now bought the farmers wife book too but that does come with a DVD and you print off the templates trouble is there are 111 blocks and they have only put one template on each page so lots to print! The templates are only small they could have got at least 4 on each page

  4. you are so smart to take a break before the tantrums start, lol

  5. Good luck with your quilting deadline! Never fun to work under pressure. Your project looks wonderful so far.
    Congrats on completing those sweet little Jane blocks too - very pretty!


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