Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Dear Maddie has passed on

Our Beloved Maddie 3/20/2007-10/10/2014

Maddie was just showing illness for a week with disorientation, lethargy, and not wanting to eat and drink. One day she was fine, then she was down again.

A visit to our vet showed a tumor on her spleen.

Yesterday they did surgery and the cancer was all over her spleen and liver. She was actively bleeding from an unknown source. The decision was made to not wake her up.

This is what she had, Hemangiomasarcoma. A very terrible aggressive cancer.

My heart is heavy with grief. She was my girl, my friend and companion and the happiest dog ever. She greeted me every morning and every night she went to bed when I did. She followed me everywhere inside and out. When I sewed and quilted, she was right there with me.

I am so sad. I know I will get better with time and her memory will give me smiles, just like she did when she was here.

I hope she is playing in heaven and is with my mom and dad right now.

I am trying to get some quilting done, but can only do a little at a time as the tears flow and it is really hard to see what I'm doing!!

I will post again soon with the quilt I am working on.

Thank you to all who have supported my blog with your comments and your friendly comments about Maddie, they touch my heart!!!



  1. Ohhhhhh so sad...we used have a Sandy who just Maddie. She's been gone quite some time now.

  2. Martha, I'm so sorry! She was a beautiful friend to you and your family.

  3. Oh how I'm truly so sorry to hear about Maddie. She was such a beautiful four legged child, with such a sweet personality. She was loved unconditionally and I'm sure loved back, the same. I wish I had magic dust to bring her back and take away your pain. But I'm also happy that Maddie found your loving home.

    Big hug. Very big hug.


  4. my heart is heavy for you with the loss of your lovely dog Maddie. As you say time will make things easier and you must have wonderful times you can recall when she was healthy. She really was a very lovely looking dog, bless you

  5. {{{{{{Martha}}}}}} Hugs. The fur friends love us so unconditionally, they leave a big hole. God bless you during this grieving time.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. Words can not describe the joy of having such creatures in our life, or the pain of loosing them. Beaming soothing thoughts your way.

  7. My heart is heavy for you! Big hug!

  8. Oh, Martha - I am SO sorry for your loss. It takes time, but you will get better and your memories of her will last forever and always give you smiles - ;))

  9. Oh Martha, I know how you feel, our beloved Bella also a Golden Labrador went to the vet to have a small lump investigated. The lump was cancer and was so advanced they could not remove it. Bella died in our arms a few weeks later. We still miss her very much and think of her often. Thinking of you, Wendy

  10. Oh my heart is heavy with you because I lost my Shewka thus year. It does get better so just keep thinking of all her good memories!

  11. I am so sad about Maddie. She and you were a good team together. Her legacy will be one of love.


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