Friday, September 5, 2014

Cute little postcard!!

Cute little quilted postcard!! This is one corner of a 12" block that I decided
to quilt and turn into a postcard.
And the back. I found the postcard stamp at Hobby Lobby and it works
so wonderfully!!! Love how easy it is and looks nice and clean!
I've started my postcard for September and hope to have it done by the end of this weekend!!!

Tomorrow I choose two winners for my giveway of fabric!! Stay tuned!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep your thoughts sharp!!! Martha


  1. Looks great Martha! I have purchased a couple of postcard stamps also from Hobby Lobby years ago and they are different from your stamp because they only have the word postcard and the other one has postcard with a dividing line in the center, but I really like your stamp with the lines added and a place for you to write your name too,

  2. Really cute postcard Martha and the stamping on back adds a very nice touch!

  3. postcard looks good and what a good idea with the stamp

  4. Now where are my orphan blocks...


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