Monday, July 7, 2014

Postcards-Free Motion Quilted Feathers

I belong to a group on Facebook called FMQ POSTCARD FUN and CHALLENGES. We do an exchange monthly, sometimes with a theme, sometimes no theme.

June was feathers and we referred back to Diane Gaudynski's feather tutorial from SewCal Gals 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge. -You can check it out-just click on the the link :^)

I decided to do six at one time, ridiculous!!!! Just because they are small doesn't mean they are quick to do!!!! They still take time and contemplation.
Here's my piece drawn out, including two book marks which are not yet finished!!! I have a plastic template that I use to trace the postcard onto the fabric so I know the design area. Once all layered and pinned I needed to choose threads. That was difficult!!!
The quilting stage-not fond of the one on the right and it is still unfinished.
 I am trying to figure out how to save it!!!

I like this, but you cannot really see the quilting very well.
Perhaps not a great fabric choice!!??
The back 
For this one I used a heavy black Aurifil thread-MAKO' NE 28/2.
 I love this one, the heavier thread just really makes the quilting pop!!

Lots of little pebbles! And the quilting is done on this one!
I stitch my feathers from the bottom up so
 I can see where I am going!!!

This one is more of a ferny feather
Now to add more color and definition!!! 
Pink thread for this one, tiny pearls in the center of the spine
and doing some different echo quilting around the border.
Love this thread!!! It is a Mettler thread-100% polyester!!
It really stands out against the lavender fabric!!

Quilting is done on the feathers and you will notice that
 some have been colorized with a crayola crayon!!!

I finish the postcards with a satin stitch on the edge. I go around it at least twice, sometimes three to be sure to get those edges covered well!!!


This postcard went to Diane Gaudynski in Wisconsin
 You can see all the postcards that our group sent to her in thanks here!!! Be sure to scroll down as there are at least 3 blog posts with quilted postcards!!!

This bright card went to Susan in Liverpool-UK
This one is still at home with me.
My Aurifil quilted feather has finally arrived
at Christine's home in Germany.
Still waiting for this postcard to arrive at Maria's home in Phoenix.
 I am really hoping it arrives safely.
If not, I do have a spare that I can send her :^)
Well, thats it for today, I need to get a bit of sewing done before I get ready for work. Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. Gorgeous feathers! Love your hyperquilting too.

  2. Absolutely gourgeous quilting! Lucky those who get a card like that fromyou :)

  3. OMG!!! they are all gorgeous!!! How did you get the feathers to be so. Lue on the one you still have??? I love each one of them!

  4. Wow! that is a neat idea. I would think that it would lend itself well to peacock colors. Excellent! I think the first one might be more the color blends in too much, rather than a bad fabric choice... ?

  5. how amazing are you on the machine, these are wonderful, maybe one day I will master machine quilting but do not think free machine quilting will ever be achieved.

  6. Beautiful postcards!
    I really enjoyed your wonderful tutorial as well!
    You are extremely talented at free motion quilting!

  7. Your quilting is beautiful and is inspiring to me. I will refer to it often.

  8. Each one is a mini work of art--love them!


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