Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dragonfly Postcards and how I made them!

These were a lot of fun to make and I can finally blog about them. The rainbow dragonfly made it's way to South Africa safely and the green one now resides in Ferndale Washington!!!

This is a mini scrap buster!! I save a lot of little scraps and I decided to use some up.

My leftover scraps
and a left over piece of white fabric 
I simply layed the little scraps on the edge and sewed one straight seam
pressed the seam
then cut them into strips
all cut and ready to lay out for assembly
this looks good-time to sew!
free motion quilting
all quilted, now to decide postcard placement
this looks good
this looks better!!
draw the outline of the postcard first, then stitch

Now to design my little dragonflys and machine applique onto the surface of this little mini quilt!!
working on the wings using freezer paper
oh my goodness, so many choices!!!!!! what to do, what to do???!!!
blue dragonfly done
the fabric on the right for the wings, and initially I was going to use that lime green for the body, but changed my mind
the darker green worked much better!!
I used YLI 100wt silk to machine applique the dragonfly to the surface.
so now to layer the quilt with all the necessary parts for the postcard. there are 7 layers total, the quilt top, batting and backing, then two layers of heat n bond, pellon, and the back of the postcard.
fuse the heat n bond to the back of the quilt, gently so that you do not squash the quilting
fuse the pellon to that
another layer of heat n bond onto the pellon
and finally the back of the post card making sure all layers are well fused. after that, trim to the specific size which is
4" X 6"
after you are done trimming, satin stitch the edges. I do a simple zigzag stitch at first, then go around the postcard twice with a good satin stitch. you can see that the green dragonfly was done with a varigated thread.
That was FUN!!! Happy Quilting friends, take care and keep those needles sharp and changed after every 8 hours of stitching madness!!! :^) Martha


  1. these are so pretty and what great fabrics you have found for their wings

  2. This is an awesome tutorial. Thank you for sharing your talent. I love the quilting on your postcards! QB, Judith1005

  3. Beautiful cards - thank you for the tutorial!


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