Saturday, May 17, 2014

Quilted box with French Seams!!

I really like these little fabric boxes with the french seams. So easy to do and then you don't have to tac down the leftovers on the inside.
I have now seen this on several blogs. Here is Carol Jenson's instructions from, Sew There I was.

I already had the quilting done, and had sewn the corners.
I trimmed between 1/8" and 1/4' off each corner.
It already looks nicer!!
I turned it inside out.
And stitched a seam large enough to incorporate the cut seam.
And done. I like it a lot. You can have the french seams on the inside our outside, your choice. Awesome!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those seam rippers sharp!! Martha


  1. What a pretty and practical fabric box!
    This is definately something I'd love to make, thanks for sharing the link and tutorial!

  2. this has worked beautifully, will add to my to do list


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