Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shiva Paint Sticks for the SK8 quilt!!

Still working and designing the Skater quilt. I am going to name it Fear No Ride quilt as it will have more then one kind of ride on it. This is the skater!! Turned out good. I googled free skateboard clip art and found this one. Had to redo it a bit though.Here are the steps-shortened.
Image cut out of freezer paper and adhered to the fabric
All my supplies ready.
Painted with a stencil brush

And the end result
Ditto for the skater.

My Shiva paint sticks and brush.

Applique done-I turned the edges under and did a machine blanket stitch.
And today at the skate park. KVAL TV news station came up to do an interview and a lot of the Road Maggots and kids from town came to clean up the park. One tree needed taking down, so the kids are helping clean up the debris!!
Thats it for now. Hope to get the rest of the blocks done today and the quilt pieced. This is how it is looking so far.

Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those brains sharp!!! Martha

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