Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quilt for a Harley Davidson Rider?? We will see soon!!!

The quilt is all pieced!!!
This morning I got the eagle marked and drew out the skateboard. I used one of the skateboards from the border fabric as the model for this!!
Also got it layered and pinned, and I am ready for quilting!!! Thank goodness because the raffle is in 6 day!!!!
Last Sunday KVAL came up from Eugene

 and interviewed our son about the Lebanon Skate Park. I video'd the story but for some reason I cannot down load it!!! Sorry :(
Here's the information on the fund raiser for the skatepark. There are tons of raffle prizes!!!!!
Sketch on freezer paper. I found it by googling motorcycles free clip art. I added the fenders, spokes, and pipes.
All cut and ready for shiva paint stick
all painted with a stencil brush
and done!!!
So, for the rest of the day, I will be quilting!! L8R Sk8R!!! Keep those scissors sharp and Happy Quilting!!! Martha :^)


  1. Your quilting just astounds me! I don't know what a Shiva paint stick is, but it looks like it's fun to use... I sure hope your quilt gets proper respect- and lots of funding!!!


  2. This quilt is gorgeous.... what a great cause to donate it to!
    I hope the raffle generates lots of important funding for the park!


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