Monday, February 17, 2014

The Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge

I got this done in the nick of time, it was due today on the Modern Quilt Guild site!!! Whew!!! I quilted for 8 hours yesterday and my arms feel it :^)  Great exercise for preventing flabby arms!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!

I love the back!! The texture from the quilting is so cool looking!!!

So we were given the fabric for this challenge from Riley Blake Manufacturing. The rules were to come up with something quilted, you can use all or some of the fabric and add in any other Riley Blake fabric or any solid. I added the solid white and a little solid black.

I used all my fabric except for two small dk gray pieces because one went missing!!!!! EEEEKKKK!! I think it got stuck to my sweater and who knows where it ended up!!??  Oh well........

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 I marked the quilt because there was no way I could do this free hand!!
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And then pinned it really well. Pinning is my preferred method of basting the quilt together. I tried the basting spray once. I got spray everywhere, you should see me cook!!, and I had a hard time keeping things smoothed out. I have much better control with the pins and I don't mind stopping to pull them out. I look at it as break-time!! :^)

 I love watching the progression of the piece. Little by little it becomes a true quilt, and it always amazes me that all the loose areas quilt down so well!!!

They have another fabric challenge starting, hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm, I said I wasn't going to do anymore challenges for awhile, but the grand prize winner gets fabric for a year!!! Every month a box of fabric, new lines, shows up on your door step. WOWZA!!!!

Contemplation time :)

Take care, Happy Quilting, Thanks for the visit and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. very nice and as you say lots of quilting. good luck how amazing it would be to win a year of fabric. I sit a wall hanging, I ask as the modern quilt group I have just joined say wall hangings are not modern quilting, things have to be practical so not sure it is the right group for me

  2. I'm truly in love with the quilting on this. Did you use a long arm or a home machine?


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