Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Maggot Flag for Harley Davidson Riders-my most unusual sewn item!!

See the flag in the upper right? Yes, I made that!!! I think it measures 6' X 10'. I used my husbands t-shirt for the pattern which I enlarged to ginormous size!! It was made for the Road Maggots of Lebanon.
This photo was taken last night at the party.
3 Degrees Astray was playing-fabulous music!!!
They always have a very big bonfire outside to warm up to!!
And some amazing fireworks!!
The local police stopped by to see that all is well and to to find out when the fireworks will begin. As always, they begin at the start of the New Year!!
They were spectacular!!!

The hardest part of driving home last night was the thick fog!!! I am not a drinker, so driving is no problem, just have to keep an eye on the other drivers out there.

It was a fun evening and seeing "my" flag made me chuckle. I am usually a very quiet person, so when others find out that I made that flag, I get some confusing,  funny looks!!! Especially if they know what my "normal" work looks like!!! HAhahahahaha!!!!

All in fun. My husband loves the flag and is always ready to point it out to those who do not know who made it!!!

Husqvarna/Viking is having a giveaway, what is the most unusual place or item you have sewn, I think this qualifies!!

Take care, Happy Quilting, Happy 2014, and keep those scissors sharp!! Martha

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  1. It's unusual for sure - hope you win!! Happy New Year, Martha!! - ;))


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