Sunday, December 15, 2013

More "My Dear Jane" blocks and a Christmas tree hunt!!

A-7 Dad's Plaids
Ready to applique!!
A-5 Cathies's Campfire
I am so glad that I purchased the software and book for the Dear Jane quilt. I can print out the block and the paper piecing pieces!!! Love it!!
Cute fabric!!!
Ready to do some intense paper piecing!!
All done!
Ready to trim and finish!!!
And A-8 Florence Nightingale

That cup of coffee is very comforting while sewing :^)
And done!!! I think this makes 21 done!!!

And on the work table at the moment???

A blank canvas. More later!!

Glad to see his Nana, but he needs a jacket on, it was extremely cold, like 20 degrees up there!!

Jacket on and inspecting the trees!!
Lots of beautiful Nobles to choose from.
Here are my boys, grandson and his papa with our Christmas Tree!! Happy Holidays :^)

Merry Christmas friends, Happy Quilting and keep those fingers warm and scissors sharp!! Martha


  1. Brrrr, it looks so pretty but very cold. It would be nicer cooking lunch in those tempretures than the 37degrees celcius we are expecting next week. I cannot wait to see how those Dear Jane blocks all come together, Best wishes Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy!!! We had a lot of fun and the hot chocolate helped warm everyone up!!! The Dear Jane blocks are sure fun! I look forward to having them completed into one quilt, that will be simply amazing!!! Thanks for the visit and have a lovely Holiday!!! Martha

  2. Yes, it does look very cold, but it would be so much fun out in it, choosing a tree! Your DJ blocks are looking great and I am intrigued to see what your blank canvas becomes!!

    1. Hi Raewyn! We did have a lot of fun getting our tree! My husband and I started the going to the mountains for our Christmas tree our very first Christmas together and have done it for the past 37 years now. So much fun to now bring the grandchildren!!! We always pack a little picnic with hot chocolate to enjoy after we find that perfect tree!

      I am enjoying the Jane blocks, there sure are a lot of them to enjoy!!! I hope to find some time this weekend to work on that blank canvas!!! I will post photos when done! Take care and have a Happy Christmas!!! Martha

  3. Such beautiful holiday memories you are capturing with your grandson!
    Your newest Jane blocks are all so wonderful!

    1. Thank you Doreen. I am having fun with my Jane blocks. Contemplating the sashing now. I would like to get the A row done and get them all sewn together but haven't made the decision on sashing. Whatever I use, I will also use for my triangle border blocks. My husband likes black, we've been looking at a lot of Dear Jane quilts, I am just not sure!!
      The tree hunting is fun. We have gone out to cut our trees since we were first married, so our boys grew up going out to the mountains to find the perfect tree. And now the grandchildren get to experience the fun!!! Happy Holidays for sure!!! Take care and thanks so much for all your support, I do appreciate you and all the work you have done! Merry Christmas, Martha


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