Sunday, September 29, 2013

My booth at the Santiam Scrappers quilt show yesterday

The entrance to my booth. The quilts to the left are mine as well. The two on the top are finished and the two on the bottom are waiting thier turn for quilting.

I was the featured quilter so decided to show the process from the beginning to the completed quilt tops. On the table below you can see a couple patterns and a stack of fabric that I am auditioning.

It was a one day show. 9am to 7pm. It was a good show, we had a lot of amazing quilts, we sold many of our small quilts at the silent auction and we may  have some new members!!! Excellent!!!

Works in progress and finished tops
Blocks and tops
My little sign
Finished tops
My husband built the pipe stands. They turned out wonderfully and we actually had someone there ask if they could rent them for an event. Wanted to know how much we charge!!! Hmmm, maybe we have a new job title for my handy husband????
And, I did get the schoolhouse quilt done.
"Jane's Little School"

That's it for now, time to relax!!! Have a lovely day, Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!!!!! Martha


  1. Oh Martha, what a well-deserved honor! Your booth and of course all your quilting is gorgeous.
    Jane's Little Schoolhouse quilt is absolutely wonderful. So much texture and loft in those blocks and who doesn't like chocolate and peppermint pink together!?

  2. Don't forget to let people know your school house won the challenge vote - it was deserved!!! Your booth was awesome Martha! I am so glad you are part of the guild :o)

  3. What an amazing booth display! Your work is gorgeous!
    Jane's little Schoolhouse turned out fabulous, such a treasure!
    Congratulations on a successful event!


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