Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sneak Peek

I started working on a baby quilt for our grand-daughter due the end of September. Her name is Hayden Drew. So cute!!! 
Her mom has picked out the colors of gray, turquoise, purple and lavender. So I decided to make her quilt out of the gray and turquoise and make her big brother a matching quilt. Only larger!!! 

I had a chat with Cooper about the quilts, and he agreed that it was a good idea :^)

I am starting with 5" blocks for Hayden and 7" blocks for Cooper. I will use all the same fabrics for both quilts. Turquoise and gray can be for girls or boys, perfect combination!!!

This is the disappearing 4 patch. I googled it and found may tutorials showing the instructions.

This is how I am doing it:
Lay out my squares to sew one seam down the middle
Sew the second seam, but pin those seams together so they match almost perfect.
Press seams open, less bulk that way.
Then cut 1" away from the center seam on all sides as above.
Change the position of the center strip pieces. The bottom set goes to the top, the top to the bottom, the left goes to the right side and the right to the left as you can see.
Then stitch it  back together!! Easy enough!! And very cool looking.

I now need to go to the quilt shop for more grays and turquoise. I do not have enough, nor do I have a backing for these two quilts. Something soft is in order!!!

Take care friends, Happy Quilting and keep that mind sharp!!! Martha


  1. I realy like this block, or maybe it is the colours, can't wait to see this finished. Our grandchildren are lucky they have grandmas that make beautiful quilts for them.

  2. I love the turquoise and grey combination! I've done the Disappearing 9-Patch but not the 4-Patch, so now I have a new idea to try. That is, I can try it once I get moved and settled into my new (much smaller) place!

  3. I love this block and your colors! Thanks for the tutorial. Looks so easy. Now, when I catch up with the garden again, will have to try this, along with finishing the grandbaby quilt for our own September expected arrival. What fun!

  4. What a wonderful idea to make 2 of these, one for each grandchild!
    Very pretty color choices and such a wonderful tutorial.
    Thank you so much for sharing!


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