Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilted Vest Update

I have the feathers on one front done and will start shading the background. I still have the other front to design and the back to finish.
Here is the back. My feathers were not well made on the back, but I am working on that now. I did the front panel after the back and I am learning to SLOW DOWN!!! It seems to help :^) !!! You would think that I already knew that!!!

So here is a sequence of events for the vest:

Drawing out some ideas above and below

I got inspiration and ideas from two amazing quilters, Diane Gaudynski and Marelize Ries. If you have time, visit their blogs, they are amazing!!!! And truly inspiring :^)

Cutting out the pattern pieces. I am using a unisex pattern and cut a medium size out. I know it will shrink a bit when quilted. Then when the feathers are all done I may be re-cutting the vest to a small so that it isn't too big on me.
My plans are:
1. Design
2. Quilt feathers
3. Shade
4. Sew vest together
5. Quilt background
6. Make a lining with inside pockets
7. Bind

I've started to shade the vest front this morning. This is something I can do while watching TV with my DH!!
The shading will help the feathers to POP out!!!

More later!!! :)
Have a lovely day, Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!!!


  1. what are you using to shade the background with?...the work is really cool

  2. I agree with Sherry!!!! And your quilting is to die for....very nice!!

  3. Way to go - very nice Martha! Hope all is well, see you soon!

  4. Your quilting is amazing, I especially love the motor bike, do you ride, I used to, a long time ago. That is how I met my second husband, he also rode bikes.

  5. Fabulous job you've done once again!

  6. That is gorgeous quilting! I love the detail that the quilting brings to that vest. Is it for yourself?

  7. Your quilting is beyond gorgeous and so inspirational!
    This vest is going to be stunning!

  8. Guess I've already "outted" myself on FB as a blog lurker. This one exciting vest!

  9. Martha - How are you painting the shading? What are you using? Your vest will be wonderful!


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