Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Dear Jane-Block J-10 Chieko's Calla Lily

This little gem was a bit of a challenge. Very small appliqué!! 

The fabric is adorable, little cats playing the banjo, fiddle, and tambourine!! Cute :-)

Now, I normally would iron the pattern pieces, which have been copied onto freezer paper, onto the right side of the fabric. But in my haste to get these ready, along with getting us ready for our trip to Phoenix, I put them on the wrong side. So I cannot do my glue stick prep without taking them all off and adhering them to the proper side. You need an iron for that and I didn't have one in the beginning of our trip!!! Oh well, haste makes waste as they say. Or for quilters, a change in plans!!!

I cut each pattern piece out then finger pressed the edges. Yes, I know I could do needle turn on these, but my skills in needle turn are nil and void, so I choose the hard way :-)

Once I have finger pressed the edges, I baste them down.

After that, they are pinned and hand appliquéd into place. I am using Superior Threads, Masterpiece, 50wt. It reads thinner, works well with my appliqué and comes in this really cool bobbin thing which makes travel easy!!

This is me sitting at Josh's kitchen table, my uncles artwork behind me, working on my appliqué!!

And done!!! 

We went to Prescott for the first part of our trip, now we're back in Phoenix and Josh does have an iron. I have another identical block to make in pink for the Jane's Little School quilt!! So I am going to redo the appliqué pieces and see if I can get them done a little quicker with the glue stick method. 

My plans were to get 4 blocks done on this trip and so far I have 3 done. We go home in2 days, so I am thinking that it shouldn't be a problem finishing!!!

I hope this post reads ok. I have been posting from my iPhone and iPad which is a lot different than working from a computer!!!

Until later, take care, Happy Quilting, and keep those pins sharp!!!! Martha


  1. oi vay! Too small for my fingers - very impressed with yours! Love to see the progress and hope you're having fun in the sun!

  2. Very cute, I've used this pattern, larger of course, to make a table topper which I gave to a friend. I love your cotton wheel, I have never seen one of these before. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.


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