Friday, March 8, 2013

My Dear Jane-Block K-9-Scouts Honor and a sneak peek of another Harley Davidson quilt!!

This was a really easy one, but trying to sew with a scant 1/4 inch is a bit tricky!!! The block measures just a bit under 5" unfinished, so close but not on the mark. I'll have to be careful when piecing all the blocks together.

I love this fabric, those ducks are so darn cute. Notice the center block ended up with the two of them together centered!!! Not planned, just turned out that way. :^)
Isn't this just the sweetest fabric??
Working on cutting the measuring and cutting all those little pieces.
Cut and ready to sew!!
This block was pretty easy to do. I am thinking that I may cut out a triangle block from each 30's fabric I use. That way, when I finish piecing all the square blocks, all the whole triangles will be cut and ready to go! I can then place them with the finished 4 1/2" block so that in the future, when I actually finish this project, I will be better organized to put the whole quilt together.

So, on to the next project. I am making a skull quilt for an auction in two weeks. Yes!! Two weeks!! It is for one of the fellas in my husbands motorcycle group who is having some health issues. The quilt (wall-hanging) will be auctioned off. So, here it is, well, this is where I am so far. These are my prototypes. I have much work left to do. Hopefully this weekend I will have the skull appliqued to the center of the black square. Then I am planning on doing some thread painting and then I will do a lot of machine quilting.

Not my normal work, but interesting!!!. Not sure where I am going with it, time will tell for sure!! I am actually considering making two at the same time. One will have a different inner border and I will let my husband choose which he wants to keep for himself and which will be auctioned. He wants me to put evil red eyes in, but I haven't decided if I am going to do that or not. Pretty creepy!!!.

So, Happy Quilting, have a lovely weekend, take care, and keep those scissors sharp!!! (speaking of scissors-my Maddie-our white lab-got a hair cut from our 3 yr old grandson today)

Bye All-Martha

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  1. Maddie must be a very patient lab! Those are some seriously interesting quilts you're working on! And yes, that duck fabric is over the top! Happy weekend!


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