Monday, March 18, 2013

Harley Davidson/Skull quilt-a sneak peek!!

I thought I would give you a sneak peek at the quilt I am working on currently. I'm still drafting/drawing the motorcycle which will be thread painted onto the quilt, about where I have it in the photo. Still have lots of spider webs to make. They are really fun to do!! The little ones are much easier than the larger version.

This quilt will be raffled on Sunday for a friend who has a medical issue going on and needs a helping hand from his friends :^) Hopefully we get lots of money raised from this quilt. There will be lots of other items in the raffle, this is just one of them!!!

Take care everyone, Happy Quilting, and keep those seam rippers sharp!!! I know, from recent experience, that mine are!! Martha


  1. Wow!! I can't imagine doing that...I have no imagination to draw my Good for you!

    And I love it

  2. My husband, a Harley lover, just leaned in for a closer look and says "I like it"! This is spectacular, best of luck with your raffle :)


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