Saturday, March 16, 2013


I hope each and everyone of you have a splendid quilting day.

I will be working on my skull quilt for the raffle next weekend. I have TONS to do on it, and what better activity to do on such a splendid day?? I may be giving some sewing lessons today too, just waiting for a phone call to see if our medical student who has been working with us in the office is ready for her first day of sewing. FUN!!!

So, go hug a quilter or a quilt and enjoy this wonderful heritage we share :^)

Bye all, take care, Happy Quilting and keep those rotary blades sharp!! Martha


  1. Happy International Quilt Day!

  2. Martha your skull quilt is serious stuff! I can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  3. Happy International Quilting day to you too! Skull quilt...sounds intriguing.

  4. I hope you are making great progress on your skull quilt and having fun celebrating International Quilt Day.

    I'm busy stitching up a storm in my sewing room, but certainly thinking of you while I'm sewing.


  5. What fun to find other lefties ... all in their right minds too!


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