Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Dear Jane-Block #1 (A-1) Pinwheel Gone Awry

Block A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry- 4.5" finished

My Dear Jane,

I have decided to embark on a journey of re-creating your amazing quilt. At times I wonder why I am adding another project to the endless list of unfinished quilts I already have, But your quilt intrigues me. As I study each block, I imagine and wonder what life was like for you so many years ago.

A few years ago, I came across the book, Dear Jane, by Brenda Manges Papadakis ( It's a wonderful book documenting your quilt. Each block has been individually photographed and drafted so that quilters like myself can enjoy your work of art. I found a computer program of Dear Jane also, and I am now trying to learn to navigate through that to help me in the process of constructing the blocks of your quilt.

I will be working on your quilt blocks when life gets overwhelming for me. Working full time in this hectic world can be difficult and finding something to enjoy with no posted deadlines was, and is, needed.

So I have found my little escape, constructing my very own Dear Jane quilt :^) I will name it after you, My Dear Jane!!

I will be using 1930's reproduction prints in my quilt. I love how happy they feel and I am sure they will make a beautiful quilt!! I do hope all who see it will enjoy the view.

My Dear Jane book

Computer software and user manual for My Dear Jane.
My collection of 1930's reproduction prints.
Fabric for block #1 (A-1)
Color printout from computer program

Line drawing from computer program.

Picture and line drawing from the book. The photo is from the actual Jane Stickle quilt!!

Ready to piece together.

Block #1 done!!
So until the next block, My Dear Jane, take care and Happy Quilting!! Martha


  1. Hi Martha, I was glad to see your new blog entry since it had been awhile. Hope work is going ok and you are getting your sew room done. Glad you enjoy this new project. We are leaving for Maui tomorrow for 10 days. We love Maui!! Ready for a sun and sand. You need to check my blog about customer quilts. Hope we can get together soon. Take care.

  2. I started working on Dear Jane years ago. But I lost the blocks I had started. Guess it is time to start again. I love your block. Hugs

  3. I started my Dear Jane, in 1860's indigo-and-white, in a workshop with Brenda herself. I have just a few blocks done, but I'm looking forward to having time to work on them now! I'll be watching to see your progress--maybe it will inspire me to take mine out again and work on it! I did include it on my listing of current WIPs on my blog sidebar...

  4. Ooooh ho! Ambitious Martha! I am so happy you have the time to do something like this - you have done so much with the Scrappers and I am excited to see what you can do with the "extra" time! Bring those to guild?


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