Saturday, October 13, 2012

AQS Modern Mystery Quilt Part 5-done!!

This is Part 5 of the Modern Mystery Quilt!! All the rectangles have been sewn together, staggered a bit, with the background fabric sewn on to the edges to equal 19 1/2 inches. Pretty exciting to be this far AND to be caught up!!

And here are all the parts put together, not sewn however. The last part will be out next week and I can hardly wait. I have no idea if this is the layout the authors have planned, this is just a guess on my part. I am wondering if the border will be the binding??? HMMMMM..... It will have to wait!!

So until next later, Happy Quilting, Take Care, and keep those needles sharp!! :^) Martha


  1. What a fabulous mystery quilt!

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love your mystery quilt. I wish you could go to the Machine Quilt Expo(MQX) this week. I'm going Wed-Sat and rooming with a gal from Utah. It should be alot of fun and will learn alot from teachers and quilters


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