Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doodling-Free Motion Quilting

Take advantage of the time you are given by practicing your free motion quilting skills by doodling.

Recently I was in an all day conference put on by the Institute for Brain Potential and presented by Dennis Marikis, Ph.D. The talk was on Toxic People. We sat in chairs with no tables all day long!!! I couldn't follow the speakers notes and doodle in my sketch pad with the limited space we had, so I quilt doodled on my hand-out while listening to his lecture!!! It was a really fabulous lecture and I learned a lot that will hopefully help me in the workplace. And best of all, I got some doodling done at the same time. A good day for sure!!!

The handouts were printed on both sides, so the doodling space was limited. So I decided to do my practice in miniature which was actually kind of fun, and here is what I ended up with!!!

My Nurse Manager and our Nurse Practitioner were there with me and they were knitting!!! Like I said, take advantage of the time you are given!!!

That was on Thursday. On Friday as I was running through the house playing with my grandson, he loves to play get me, which means you chase him,  and I stubbed my little toe on a dresser in the living room and broke it. I am currently sitting with my feet up. I did go in to urgent care to make sure I didn't break a bone in my foot. The break went all the way through on the diagonal of my right little toe. Dr said it was unstable, so I am not to catch it on anything, hate the thought of that. So I am wearing socks and my Birkenstocks which have a firm sole for support. I can hear my mother telling me to stop running through the house!! :^) Hmmmm, I also hate learning the hard way, but that just seems to be my style!!!

Happy Quilting, Enjoy the Day and don't run in the house!!! Martha

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