Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge-September

Here is my challenge piece, still need to do the background filler quilting. I have plenty of ideas on what I want to do, the challenge will be picking just one!!! The fabric on the outer border is my quilt to the edge extensions, I baste it on the quilt to help make quilting to the very edge easier!!!!

So our teacher for this month was Paula Reid and she had us use a beautiful stencil on our quilts. I used two stencils, the center design is the one she had us use and the butterflies are from a stencil that I already had. I like stencils, they are very versatile. You can use the whole thing or just a part of it. In the photo below you can see what this quilt looked like with the blue marking ink. I ended up not using the flowers that were next to each butterfly and I decided to put feathers in the wings instead of the design that came with the stencil.
I drew out the design first on paper to make sure I liked it!!
Deciding on how large I wanted the quilt

Stitching with my Juki-I used YLI 100wt silk thread-my favorite machine quilting thread!!!

The back of the quilt!!

My stencils!!

I bought the stencil because I really like using them in my quilts!!

Yes, I have more than a few!!!
Thank you so SewCalGal for hosting this fun year long challenge, thank-you to The Stencil Company, they gave us 20% off on their stencils, so I did purchase more than just one!!! You can find them here,

Thank-you to our teacher, Paula Reid, for giving us a fabulous lesson and to all the members of this challenge. I am having so much fun reading everyone's posts and seeing their beautiful work. This is so very special!!!

Happy Quilting everyone, take care, and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha

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  1. Look at you!! I love how you turned the design on point and added the butterflies! Your workmanship is spectacular.


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