Monday, April 23, 2012

Coop Entangled-A Zentangled inspired quilt

I am finally done with this quilt for my sons birthday, just a month and a few days late, but it is done!!! I started the quilt on March 2nd and was hoping to get it done in two weeks, of course, that did not happen!

So, on March second, while taking care of my 2 year old grandson Cooper, I decided that I should make a birthday gift for my son Drew using his son Coopers hands as the inspiration. My first thought was painting his hands and printing them on fabric, but this little guy loves throwing things. I did not need paint all over the house. So I made a copy of his hands on my copy machine and decided to do a ZIA-Q, Zentangle Inspired Art Quilt! And here is how I did it:

Cooper on the day we made his hand prints!

He had a lot of fun pushing the button on the copy machine and seeing his hands pop out!!!

I had seen a Zentangled Inspired quilt on another blog and read her tutorial about how she did it. Mine is a little different, but along the same line as hers. Thank-you Zany Quilter  for your help and your wonderful instructions, it helped me get this little quilt going!!

First, I prepared a large piece of freezer paper, I had to piece it together so that it was large enough for the quilt I wanted to make.
I used a stencil for the center scalloped area around Coopers hands
I drew my design on the freezer paper, traced over it with a black sharpie and then numbered each pattern piece.
I lay my fabric over the pattern and traced all the markings with a blue washout marker.
After this process, it was time to get all my black and white fabrics out and begin cutting the pattern apart. I did a little bit at a time so that I did not get all the pieces scattered!!
As I chose the fabrics for each area, I would cut out the pattern from the freezer paper and press it to the right side of the fabric chosen, then cut the piece out for placement.

I made quite a mess while working, but it was so much fun!!!
All the pieces cut and in their place, ready to be temporarily adhered!!
I used the 505 adhesive spray, put the pieces in a box to contain any over-spray, and then adhered them to the fabric.
I decided to cover the edges with a fusible black bias strip and straight stitch the edges.This worked well!

Once the quilt was done, it was time to draw Coopers hands to the center and apply the different tangle patterns I was learning from a booklet I purchased and from the different Zentangle blogs I had been reading.
In progress
And done, along with the dotted background for my tangle quilt pattern I was planning.
Pinned and ready to quilt. I have not gotten the hang of using the adhesive spray for "pinning" my quilt layers together, so I still use the safety pin way. It works.
I love the three dimensional look you get from this pattern!!
And a close-up view of the final product!!

 This was a fun quilt and I am so glad my son and his wife love it!!! I printed Coopers picture of his hands and his photo onto fabric and added them to the back of the quilt so it will be recorded in time what he looked like the day we started his quilt!!!

Happy Quilting everyone, take care and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha

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  1. Congratulations on finishing yet another very striking and original project!


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