Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's are for Cooper

Cooper-age 2 1/2 years
I work four days a week in a hectic medical office and on Fridays I have the pleasure of taking care of my handsome grandson, Cooper. We play pretty much all day long. No time for quilts or quilting as he gets into everything!!!! The following pictures are compliments of Cooper who figured out how to use the camera on the cell phone long before he turned 2!!!

On Fridays:

We play trains

and ball

and we tell our Nana to say "CHEESE"!!!

But there is still time to think about the next quilt project!! I've been doing some Zentangle doodling and I've come up with a possible design idea!!!

We were playing with the copy machine this morning :^) and I think these little hands would make a fabulous zentangle pattern for a small quilt!! His daddy's birthday is in about two weeks! Hmmmmm??? Yep, I think that will work!!

Oh, and the reason why I am able to do this entire post on a Friday? The little person is napping and Nana gets a few moments to rest for a bit :^)  !!!!!

Take care everyone, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp, Martha


  1. What cute ones you have there!!

  2. Very nice Martha...can't wait to see what beautiful idea you have come up with for your next project.


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