Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quilting Friends

This little quilt was made by my friend Jean McDaniel

I belong to the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild here in Lebanon. In the past we have put on a yearly quilt show. With only 25-30 members, it can be a very time consuming task, so we have opted to do one quilt show every other year.

My responsibility for the quilt show is to run the small quilt silent auction. Members make one or more small quilt and we put them up for auction with a "starting" price and a "buy it now" price.

This past quilt show in October of 2011, I spoke with a visitor about our many small quilts up for auction. She said is would be silly for her to purchase any of the quilts as she could easily make her own. She didn't understand why any quilter would purchase one!!

I must admit, her comment took me by surprise and I had to sit back and think about it for awhile.

After giving her comment much thought, I proceeded to buy several of the small quilts. My take on it is: I am surrounded by my quilting friends because of these beautiful small quilts they graciously donated, giving me the opportunity to purchase.

This cute cupcake was made by my birthmom, Judith Daniels

This one is by Alice Leisy
I am surrounded by my Quilting friends in my sewing room and in my home. When I am quilting, working, sewing, creating, I feel the warmth and kindness and most importantly, the encouragement from my friends just from seeing their quilts in my space!! I love it!!! It would be silly NOT to purchase as least one!

The little quilt in the upper right corner was made by Shirley Kerr
So friends and family, do what you love, surround yourselves with those you love and who love you. Enjoy life. And for those quilters out there, keep those needles sharp!!

The table runner above and the little one below were made by Elle' Garrison


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! Every quilt sparks joy and warmth of heart!

  2. Thank-you Carol, and thanks for visiting my site, makes me happy!! :^)

  3. I love your comments about the spirit you feel from fellow quilters projects! Your quilts and your friends quilts are true works of art, labors of love and a reflection of their creator! I wish I had an ounce of your talent and dedication! The cupcake quilt is adorable and I am sure very special to you. :). I can't wait to look at some of the quilts you have made!!!

  4. Lauren, thanks so much for visiting, and I agree, the quilts are a reflection of their creator. Perfectly stated!! Enjoy the quilts!!

  5. Well written, Martha. I glad to see you enjoying thw quilt I made. I also bought one of yours a few years back! I have a few quilts made by others and love having that reminder of them

  6. Thanks Jean! I really love your little daffodil quilt, it warms my sewing room!

  7. You sent me a post on the Quilting Board about disappearing nine patches. I have a blog also. I love your blog. I buy quilts that other people have made. If I see one I like, I buy it. I have two hanging in my quilting room and one in my living room. I don't understand why a quilter wouldn't buy a quilt that another quilter has made. We know how much time and effort and money went into the quilt so we know what it's worth and so of course, we would buy it. I always look at the quilts for sale at the quilt shops I go to. I've bought a few baby quilts and have given them to new mom's. I don't tell them I made them, but I don't tell them I didn't. Sometimes I don't have the time to put together a baby quilt in time for a shower so this helps me out and the moms love them. I am going to finish reading your blog now. I love your quilting room. It's so clean!!

  8. I live in Oregon also. Only on the other side. I live in Cove, 15 miles east of LaGrande. Over the Blue Mountains (by Pendleton). It's a small town with about 600 homes here. We are on the side of a large mountain, Mt. Fanny, named after some woman long ago. I have been to Astoria many times. My cousin lives in St. Helen's, so after I visit with her, I travel to Astoria and down the coast to Lincoln City or beyond. I lived in Portland years ago. My kids live in Port Townsend, Washington...not too far from you. Just thought I'd let you know you had a new blog follower from your home state. Jeanne (my blog is I haven't been writing lately as I have been on a quilting binge, finally.

  9. Jeanne, thanks so much for visiting, and when I am done commenting here, I am heading to your blog. Funny thing, my husband and I both went to Eastern Oregon State College in La Grande, that's what it was called when we were there!!! He graduated with a teaching degree and I had just one year in, we got married, had children, then I got to go back to school to finish my nursing degree!! A very small world indeed. We are hoping to head that way this summer to spend some time in Enterprise, we love it over there!! I will leave a note on your blog too!! Martha

  10. I really enjoyed your quilt blog. I live in Dallas,OR and a RN. I work part time at Willamette Valley Med Center in McMinnville. I love to quilt and have a blog called I love your quilts.

  11. Thanks for visiting!! I am heading to your blog right after this next click!!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and writing a note. I'm going to a quilt retreat in Newport with a friend. We leave on Thurs but the retreat starts on Friday-Sunday. I have several projects lined up to work on and view the demos by the teachers. I'm glad to hear you that the Pfaff Grandquilter 18.8 is one of your choices. My husband got it set up so went I get back can start learning how to quilt on it. Maybe soon, you could come over here for lunch and I can show you the quilt machine. I love your quilts and glad you entered 5 in the State Fair. We do have alot in common. Thanks for writing and being my quilt blog friend.


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