Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Yes!! I am taking on the invitation in the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge. I need to work on my machine quilting and what better way to do it than with a challenge. There will be 12 nationally known machine quilters teaching and it is free!! Oh, and there are potential prizes to win not to mention refining your machine quilting skills!!! WOW!! And one more thing, probably the most important of all, it is a way to meet more quilters and share in this wonderful world we live in!! How fun is that??!!
I just joined and got my sample done today just in time to post it on my blog for the month of January.

To find the "Button" for the Free Motion Quilting Challenge, start at the top of my home page, scroll down looking at the left side column and you will find it below the "Subscribe To" and above "Martha's Quilts". It is a little black and white "poster". Click on that and it will link you to this educational challenge if you are interested!!

So here is my practice quilt block for my first lesson from Frances Moore. This is how I ready all my quilts to be quilted. Tape the backing down first, layer the batting then the quilt top, and then pin all over.

I usually don't do practice blocks, but since I wasn't really planning on this, I don't have a quilt ready to go. I am actually planning on creating a larger quilt to use for this year of lessons. I drew it out on graph paper and now just need to cut and piece and as I get comfortable with each new design, I will transfer that knowledge onto my big quilt!! I will try to scan and download the quilt layout I came up with.
Here is my work area, all uncluttered and ready to go!!

And the final product, and I need a lot more practice!!! Not too terribly bad though for my first try at this design!! This was fun and I am looking forward to the February lesson!!
Below is the design layout for the quilt. I love sitting down with pencil and graph paper and designing things on my own. I know there are computer programs that will do the same, but sometimes it is so nice to just sit quietly and sketch. I will be using Dupioni white silk with an accent of a lime green and deep red. I will probably do all my quilting with YLI 100wt green thread, but not sure yet, time will tell.

I will share the progression of this quilt on my blog!!!

 Take care all, happy quilting and keep those scissors sharp!! Martha :^)

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