Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thread, Thread, Thread and more Thread!!

I love thread, lots of thread, all kinds of thread. And if you think about it, we could not do what we do without it. It is the mortar of our quilts, our clothes, and pretty much everything!

It is so important to use good quality thread and not the thread left over from your great grandma's basket (unless it is from this era). If you have any of that very old thread from years ago, use it for decor. I do!!

My favorite threads to use at the moment are:

YLI Silk 100wt for machine quilting, love it!
Superior Threads-Masterpiece Cotton 50wt 2 ply for piecing and hand applique, love that too!!

I bought Masterpiece 50wt 2 ply prewound bobbins from Connecting Threads that came in a bobbin case for my hand applique. Great product. It is so easy to have my thread with me wherever I find myself appliqueing. The bobbins stay put and organized and the colors are perfect.

If you would like to learn more about thread, check out my friends blog, Threadmongers. She is listed in my blog list. Judy, aka Threadmonger, sells fabulous thread and has a wealth of information on all kinds of thread types. Judy came down to our quilt guilds meeting (Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild) one month and gave us an excellent lesson on the different types of threads available and the uses for each and then gave us the opportunity to purchase. That was a really fun night!!

The types of needles we use with the different types of thread are also very important, but that will be another posting :^)

Happy Quilting/Keep those needles sharp!!

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