Thursday, December 8, 2011

Harley Davidsons and Quilting

Drew and Jess on a ride

Harley Davidson motorcycles have been a huge part of our family's lives for the past 21 years. The bikes themselves continually spark ideas for quilts, like the above photo!! Wouldn't that make a fabulous quilt??!!!

I made my first "Harley" quilt many years ago for my husband. As soon as the quilt was done, one of the fellas in the group my husband rides with (The Road Maggots) went down, someone in a car "didn't see him" and pulled out in front of him. He ended up in the hospital for quite awhile, so we raffled that quilt off to help the family.
So I started a second "Harley" quilt, and no sooner did I finish that one that another one of the fellas went down. That quilt got auctioned off and brought in $675.00 for the family!! Both riders survived the accidents, Thank-You Lord.
This is a photo of the second quilt!! It was probably 14 years ago that I made it with the leftover Harley Davidson logo fabric I had "found" for the first quilt.

When I had decided to make the first quilt, I had a difficult time finding any Harley Davidson fabric. Then I remembered that our son Drew had a pair of HD boxers in his drawer. So I "borrowed" them secretly.
After I got the quilt top done, I went to Drew and said," What do you think of my Harley quilt?. He loved it!! Thought it was great!!
He then got a confused look on him as he began to recognize the HD emblems from his boxers.
"Yes" I replied.
"Is that my underwear?"
"Yep!! Is that cool or what?""
Well, he couldn't disagree with me because the boxers did make a very awesome quilt. And yes, the boxers were clean.  I always launder my quilt fabric before using it. :^)

One activity the group does often is go on Poker runs. I went on one this summer and had a great time. I look at it as a fun time with my husband, riding with some wonderful friends, and a fabulous photo opportunity!! Here are a few photos that I am considering for some new quilt designs!

Ritner Creek Bridge, Oregon

Can you see me?

Behind the Pack

I have so many ideas for Harley Davidson quilts and as I create them, I plan on sharing them with you.

So ride safe, take care, and keep those quilting needles sharp. Till later :^}


  1. Who wouldn't love one of these? You do such beautiful work Martha :0)


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